Product & Services

treatmentWe offer a complimentary assessment of your needs, as well as suggestions on where to obtain a sleep study should you require one (we are in touch with several reputable sleep clinics in the GTA). When you are ready for your PAP therapy, we offer a wide range of machines and masks from all major manufacturers and will help you select the device that best suits your needs/physiology.

Our comprehensive follow-up program will keep you on track with your therapy, as well as provide you with the support you need for a trouble free treatment. After you have started your therapy,  we will still be there! We are available for any needed help or advice should you require it, any machine maintenance, or future interface replacements.



The Assisted Devices Program division of the Ontario Ministry of Health will cover a large portion of your machine. You do not have to pay this portion up-front. If you have private insurance through your employer/pension you will most likely be out-of-pocket very little. If you don’t have insurance, there will be a small, very manageable, residual amount after government funding. We will assist you with all aspects of the funding process to make it an easy and trouble free experience.

Please be aware that Positive Airway Pressure devices are the only treatment for sleep apnea that is funded by the Ministry of Health or your medical insurance company. All other treatments (dental devices and others) must be paid solely by the patient, and are often more costly.